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Email: mike@topmarkevents.com

Phone: (410) 656-9376


I’m Mike La Charite and I am a conference, meeting and event strategist. I have always loved events, from the most intimate lunchtime gathering to the largest conference! In a world that is ever-increasingly consumed by screens and apps, events offer an opportunity for community and relationship; face-to-face time, not FaceTime. It is my joy to serve you in whatever your mission is for your event. I value honesty, integrity, and commitment, and work hard in my business and personal life to keep those as my primary focus.

I am strongly committed to social responsibility, whether that’s volunteering for my son’s school, helping my physician-in-training wife to support the underserved populations she champions, or spending time serving in my church community. I truly believe that in every action, interaction, and experience we provide through the events we put together, we have an opportunity to effect change.

I also have a passion for cooking. I’m a home cook who loves experimenting with new methods and technology. In 2018 I co-founded the International Sous Vide Association. When I’m not working or cooking, I enjoy traveling with my wife and our two children.